Baltimore, MD

Washington, DC

It is believed that the saying ‘Eureka’ (shouted when a great idea is conceived) was attributed to Archimedes, a greek engineer, inventor and mathematician who is regarded as one of the leading scientists of his time. We believe what makes Archimedes Bioengineering so special, is our “Eureka”. Finding the solution to our patients’ needs, which will ameliorate treatment regimens for previously neglected diseases.​

​Our Team


Why Archimedes?

Composed of seasoned industry leaders in medicine, engineering and business, we are advancing Precision Medicine by providing physicians and caregivers the data they need to optimize medication and diet to better the lives of patients living with rare diseases.

​Our Focus

Transforming Rare Diseases Through At-Home Diagnostics

​​​​To better the lives of patients suffering from rare metabolic disorders. Archimedes is devoted to developing rapid and accurate point-of-care diagnostic devices to optimize the treatment our patients at-home and in the clinic.

​Our lead pipeline assets address urea cycle disorders (UCD), phenylketonuria (PKU) and maple-syrup-urine disease (MSUD).